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Peach Ball Primer

Peach Ball Primer

Choose Your Ball

Not only can the outer surface of the Peach Ball be repainted, but I've developed two different versions of the ball, called "Yin" and "Yang," each with a different weight and feel. Do well enough, and you might inspire a few new designs for the ball. Please, go on, inspire me.

Peach Missions

See that window on the right? That's a list of "PEACH Missions." Each of those Missions will increase the ball's vibrational force, bringing you that much closer to removing her animal curse (and, well, her clothes, but we'll come back to that).

Sexy Challenges

Rack up enough PEACH Points through the aforementioned Missions, and you'll bring the ball and the girl together for a Sexy Challenge. Perform any one of several...unique tasks to amaze the girl and drive your points sky-high!

Super-Sexy Challenges

Bring the Peach Ball's vibrational force to a climax, and you'll experience the ultimate test of skill... No, that's a lie. This part's easy. Knock the ball against her most sensitive spots, over and over again, to transform her back into a natural woman. (My, that almost sounded dirty!)

Other Minigames

Did I mention one of the pinball machines has built-in minigames? They're good, clean, wholesome family fun. For a change of pace.