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How It Works

How It Works

The remote-control interface I've built does more than just play pinball (though it certainly does that brilliantly, if I must say). Here's a brief summary of all it can do for you:

Play Pinball

Launch the ball, with the help of that adorable little cloud-bunny, then flap the flippers to bounce the ball toward the targets. Not just toward the girl, mind you, but everything around her as well. Dazzle her with your skills, and she just might roll over and play for you.

Story Mode

Did I mention I've bugged the whole arcade with flying, invisible cameras? Use this mode to view the recordings of what we've been up to, as well as whatever might happen next. See? Context!

Free Mode

Not interested in context? No problem! Choose this mode to bring a girl of your choice to the table, then bop her with a pinball to your heart's content. Let me worry about setting it up for you; you just relax and enjoy the ride.

Dressing Room

Ah, now here's that special "thank you" I was telling you about. Choose any of our five volunteers, dress them up however you please, and feel free to bring them in for a little "close encounter." Just you and her, with no prying eyes or pesky rules.


Those who've followed my past adventures might remember one of my earlier inventions, the False Dimension Device. It projects a virtual environment around the user, great for stealth, training, and in this case, performance art. Choose a backdrop for the five lovely ladies, direct them to pose and emote for you, and create almost any scene you please!

What more could you ask for? Pick up your own remote-control interface (cleverly disguised as a game) at any of these fine, esteemed vendors.